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  • Welfare Pasts and Futures

    British systems of welfare and adult social care are not so different from aspects of the traditional Poor Laws.

  • The Hidden History of Deviant Burials

    There is a long and international history of unusual burials. But should they be interpreted as fear of vampires, the supernatural and the living dead?

  • The Unhappy Mansion

    Bedlam was a constant in art and literature throughout the 18th century. In it, madness was otherworldly, bestial, pitiable and female – a mirror for concerns about society. 

  • Henry IV of Germany: a ‘Bad King’?

    Looking beyond the usual rogues’ gallery of historical figures can help us to better understand the past.

  • ‘To Think is to Compare’: Walther Rathenau, Trump and Hitler

    No historians are seriously suggesting that the Third Reich and the Trump administration are similar phenomena, but that does not mean comparative study of the two cannot shed light on two contrasting periods.

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