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17 February 2019

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  • On A Limb

    Jane Draycott

    The classical world created a variety of means of mobility for the disabled – both mythical and real.
  • Bad Blood?

    David Kilgannon

    Good intentions, misinformation and fear contributed to haemophiliacs becoming the hidden victims of HIV in Ireland.

  • Goulash

    Alexander Lee

    Though long established as the national dish of Hungary, its origins lie with the rootless, itinerant stockmen who roamed the plains of medieval Mitteleuropa. 
  • Green and Pleasant Land

    Four centuries of horticultural endeavours in the modest plots of the ‘lower orders’. 

    Green and Pleasant Land

  • The Sexuality of Slang

    Robert Greer

    Laws prohibiting homosexuality helped create new languages of same-sex desire.

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